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Our idea

Shanti is the result of an idea we had during the time when we worked at the Indian restaurants in Stockholm in the ' 90s. We noticed that both we and the other staff at these restaurants themselves never ate anything from the menu but rather cooked more traditional Indian meals. What we ate for dinner was not available to restaurant customers despite the fact that it was much more authentic Indian than what was served at other restaurants in Stockholm.

A experience

Perhaps we were a little naive but we wanted the Stockholmers to have the chance to experience real Indian food. We thought, "Why not open an Indian restaurant, where the guests can eat the same kind of food as the staff?" These thoughts became a reality when we opened 11 years ago Shanti Classic. There was no immediate success. At the beginning, it was difficult to convince Stockholmers to try something so authentic Indian. We were sometimes forced to bake chapatti instead of naan bread because we could not afford the gas bill.


Then came DNs restaurant commission and we got 7 out of 10 in ratings. People began to see what we were doing and since then it has only become better. Among other things, we have been nominated several times to DNs honorable prize Gulddraken. While people have become more interested in exploring genuine food cultures from all over the world and gradually less afraid of Asian spices. Here at Shanti we continue to develop genuine indian food with a focus on high-quality ingredients..On the menu you will find a number of dishes that are not available anywhere else outside of India.


Asian Curry Awards


Gossip Södermalm won the award for the best Bengali restaurant in Europe. Read: Shanti på Skånegatan Praise

Asian Curry Awards


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2003 & 2006

Best budget restaurant in Stockholm went to, among other things, Shanti.


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